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Annual report 2019

The format of the 2019 annual report:

  • Tasks within the board
  • Website
  • Circular letter
  • Realized in 2019
  • Planning 2020
  • Projects

Tasks, all functions within the board:

Chairman: Sjaak de Boer
Vice chairman: Peter de Boer
Treasurer: Piet Neefjes
Secretary: Kees Ooijevaar
Address file management, P.R. Hans van der Geest
Minutes: Esther van Velzen
P.R: Manon Koomen and Hans vd Geest
Vice treasurer: Lonneke van der Gulik
Members: Martijn Droog
Marco Dudink


Our website is maintained by Digital Dreams in Enkhuizen.
The aim was to adjust the site once a month. Did not succeed.
The articles are supplied by the secretary.

Circular letters:

The aim is to send out a circular letter at least 4 times a year, written by the secretary and the chairman. This year we have not achieved this target. The circular letter is posted on our site, in Nu en Straks (parish magazine) and on the parish site.


  • Community auction
  • Lent promotion
  • Goodbye
  • Name
  • Sara Kinsbergen
  • Welcome
  • Christmas market

Community auction

Every year a community auction is held in Wervershoof.
We have offered: light classical living room concert

Lent promotion

Schelp and Werenfridusschool have approached us to link their fasting campaign to a project supported by Auxilia. We asked Wouter de Groot (For a Purpose) to give a presentation at both schools to promote the promotion. The promotion was a huge success.


During our annual BBQ we said goodbye to Esther and Lonneke.


We change our name: Auxilia

Sara Kinsbergen

We have 2 approaches to a project: feeling or criteria, we are struggling with this. The question is: how are we going to do this? We have asked this question to Sara Kinsbergen.
Sara works at Radboud University in Nijmegen as a development sociologist and does research into Small Private Initiatives and knows how to make a difference on your own.


Edward and Cleide were present at the meeting in November

Christmas market

Due to the weather conditions, the Christmas market was canceled

Planning 2020:

* meeting
* Circular letter, the last one

* 7 February: pub quiz
* meeting
 - annual report and financial statement
 - World Tasting

* meeting
* light classical living room concert (community auction 2019)

* meeting
 - mothers Day?
* April 5: World Tasting

* meeting
 - father's day?
*mothers Day?

* father's day?
* meeting


* BBQ on the Saturday after the fair

* meeting

* meeting
 - annual plan 2021

* meeting
 - Christmas market
 - Community Auction 2021

* meeting
 - new year celebration
*Christmas market
* New Year celebration


The following projects were supported by us in 2019 and can be found on the site and in the project folder:

  • Food Village (Kenya) horticultural projects
  • Mieke Lakeman (Philippines) Via Streetchild education in Liberia and Sierra Leone
  • Wouter de Groot (Nepal) Through earthquake-resistant building through For a Purpose
  • Jolinda Zuurbier (Uganda) building with water bottles as a foundation
  • Manda (Kenya) construction of a "nursury"


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You can support our work:

NL16 RABO 0368948870
to Auxilia-Brasili-ja

Chamber of commerce no: 371000429
RSIN/tax no. 816039562

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Entrepreneurial association Wervershoof
“Het Fortuin” in Wervershoof
Jacco Deen (Code en Koffie)
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Printer House “The Letter”


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