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Newsletter January 2024

Number 9

On Sunday, December 31, it was the last Eucharistic celebration in the Werenfridus parish in Wervershoof. From 1 January 2024, the parishes of Andijk, Wervershoof, Onderdijk and Medemblik will continue under the name: Titus Brandsma parish. The church in Medemblik will become the Eucharistic center and the other church buildings will remain available for Word and Prayer services, mourning and wddings for the time being. The celebration on the last day of the year 2023 was well attended. The many volunteers, not to mention Father Sjaak de Boer, have provided a, sometimes quite emotional, farewell in a very beautiful way. It has been the good practice for many years that Auxili-ja! may hold a door collection at the end of the service. This year, the proceeds were almost 500 euros, a record amount, for which we are very grateful.

The year 2024, what will it bring us? If I'm being completely honest, I don't really have a clue. I know what I'm hoping for, but I can't influence most things. I have no influence on all those wars that are going on at the moment. I don't have a major impact on global warming. I have no influence on the large influx of refugees, which I am convinced, will only increase with all the consequences that entails.

One of the reasons is that the imbalance between rich and poor is only increasing. "The richest 1 percent of the world's population now owns twice as much wealth as 6.9 billion other people. The 22 richest men in the world together own more than all the women in Africa." (Source: Oxam Novib in its annual report on wealth inequality). "Expressing inequality in numbers will always remain abstract. You may have given numbers to the inequality, but you have not yet given any meaning. When you start looking at that meaning, you really look at reality and it becomes palpable to you: what is being poor really, what kind of life do you lead? If things are part of our world, we can better denounce them”. (Source: Gert-Jan vd Heiden, Professor of Metaphysics at Radboud University)

I know what I hope for 2024, but I can't influence most things. That's very true, but I can still make a difference with small things. At the moment, 200 refugees live in a centre, just outside the village of Wervershoof. Wervershoof is place number six

where they live, again temporarily. When it was announced that refugees would come here, it went wild on social media. After all, many people have strong opinions about refugees, people who come our way because they have no chance of making a living in their own country, because they are persecuted in their own country for whatever reason. I can do something for those people right now by offering my help. There are many things I can do to try to make the world around me a little better. And that is exactly the reason why I have been secretary of Auxili-ja since 1998!


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