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Newsletter September 2022

Number five

During the closing evening of the Middenkoor (a choir that sings once a month in the church of Wervershoof) I had brought a number of CDs with me. The very first song I heard was a song by Bram Vermeulen: “I have moved a stone”. I immediately thought of saying goodbye to my mother-in-law. Three grandchildren sang and played that song at the cremation. My mother-in-law was a very sweet, simple woman, but she also moved a stone, perhaps not a big one, but still. Every person moves or lays a stone in a river on earth. That river no longer flows the same way.

I had to think of this when I was looking for a theme that would fit the celebration of Sunday 21 August, a celebration that is held during the Wervershoof fair, in the bumper cars. Which stones do you want and can you move in the river so that the water flows better? "Move a stone" so that the river goes differently than before? That implies a large stone. However, such large stones are hardly bearable. Have we not moved stones? Fortunately, the lyrics of Bram Vermeulen's song also state that this stone may be a pebble. A pebble is small and manageable, but the same pebbles also divert the course of the river. Small pebbles are manageable, do not feel weighty and important. All those little pebbles we have all laid down together may seem small, but in the the river of a person perhaps a great change of flow. Those pebbles that we have placed together make it so powerful. Which stones have we moved in the past period? I don't think a big stone, I find it hard to carry. But still, my hope is that together with others we have laid many pebbles so that the negative flow is changed into love, light and connection. Sometimes someone moves a large stone and the river takes on a devastating character (enough examples in this days), sometimes those large stones provide peace and quietness in the river Stone layed down by Mandela, King, Bake for Life, Tijn Kolsteren (6 years old who died during Serious Request 2016 painting nails from, among others, VIP’s, and raised more than 2 million euros).


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