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Christmas market

On Friday, December 8, we had a stall at the Christmas market (thanks to the shopkeepers' association for sponsoring). Again, one could try to break a Christmas ball by throwing a dart. Many baubles contained a small piece of paper with the prize you had won on it.

The prizes ranged from a poinsettia to a gift voucher from Christa's Beautyshop to a drink during the World Tasting on April 7 in 't Fortuin. We can look back on a very succesfull happening.


Escape room

Every year there is a Community Auction in Wervershoof and every year we try to offer the most original gift possible. Last year it was an escape room. On Saturday, October 7, the 12 buyers of our gift came to the rectory of the Werenfriduskerk in Wervershoof. A new experience for some. The aim was to escape from the rectory by solving various puzzles.

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A world of taste 2023

"A world of taste… was very tasty"

What an incredibly beautiful Sunday afternoon (March 26, 2023) in ' t Fortuin in Wervershoof. More than 300 people have experienced that the nine cooks did their very best making very tastful food. Nothing but praise for the delicious snacks. It started for us at 11 am. Everything had to be set up and arranged. Berend Botje had also been given his own place to do crafts with the children. Thank you very much for making an appearance. Around 12 o'clock the first cooks arrived and everything was displayed on the tables. Soon the first guests came in to taste everything. Gradually it became busier and busier.

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Thank you

Auxili-yes! gave the winner a check for 250 euros. The 250 euros could be earned if you got the right time when the baking pan would leave the cubic meter of ice during the fair in Wervershoof. The reaction of his grandchildren was very special. “We gambled at 11 a.m. and were happy to have won. We will refund half of the price, 125 euros. You can give that to Bake for Life. We'll do something fun with the rest of the money. We hope that the money will be well spent and that poverty will disappear.” What more should we add to this.

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Friends of Auxili-ja!

Auxili-ja! (formerly Brasili-Ja!) has been supporting small-scale projects worldwide that benefit the local population for over 35 years. These projects have one thing in common: they are always guided or supported by someone from our own community, by someone we know and trust. This guarantees that the money ends up in the right place. See also our website: In the past 12 years alone, we have been able to transfer more than 85,000 euros to various causes.

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